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Billing, Bill Paying, and All Your Other Bookkeeping

You may not have the budget to pay for a staff accountant or bookkeeper. Even so, you want a skilled professional to help you keep your finances in the black. Carlton Services provides you with the help you need for customer billing, payroll processing, and much more. Call us to request bookkeeping services.

Financially Adept to Better Serve You

We use QuickBooks software, so if you are already using QuickBooks, we can begin using your files immediately. Otherwise, we can set up your business on QuickBooks. We can even host your QuickBooks and other accounting-related software on our sophisticated cloud-based server. Typical bookkeeping services include but are not limited to:

Customer Billing — We can prepare your customer bills, receive and deposit your customer checks, and help you manage your past-due accounts.

Bill Paying — We can pay your bills and fully manage your business checkbook, including helping you manage your cash flow.

Payroll — We recommend that our clients use a payroll company for processing payroll checks and handling payroll tax deposits and returns. If you are not using a payroll company, we can help you select one and get started. If you are using a payroll company, we can enter the payroll report data into QuickBooks each pay period.

Month-End — We can reconcile your bank account(s), submit sales tax, and perform other month-end tasks appropriate to your business. Additionally, we can provide management reports to track your performance, as well as generate reports for your accountant for your quarterly estimates and income tax returns.

Note: Although the above list is intended to be comprehensive, your business may have unique needs that are not listed. We are flexible and can generally perform any bookkeeping or related administrative task that you require.

Bookkeeping That Fits Your Budget

After obtaining some basic information about your business (such as the number of checks you write per month), we provide you with a fixed-rate monthly quote. This approach prevents surprises about your fees.

When you budget for our monthly cost, it puts the responsibility squarely on us to do your work as efficiently as possible. We do offer hourly rate billing for clients who prefer this arrangement, or in circumstances where work volume is variable, unpredictable, or expected to change.

Choose Us to Save Time

The primary benefit of working with Carlton Services is the time you will save on administrative tasks. This can add up to many hours per month, depending on the size of your business. Additional benefits possible when you hire us to do your bookkeeping include:

  • Reducing Billing Errors
  • Increasing Cash Flow by Faster Receipt of Customer Payments
  • Shrinking Bad Debt through Accurate Records and Earlier Collection Efforts
  • Decreasing Returned-Check Charges, Late Charges, and Late Payroll Tax Penalties
  • Cutting Material Costs by Taking Advantage of Prompt-Payment Discounts Offered by Suppliers
  • Lowering the Cost of Your Accountant's Quarterly Estimate and Annual Tax Return Work from Our Organized and Complete Reports
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