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About Us

At Carlton Services, we are very operationally-oriented bookkeepers. We help businesses operate more efficiently and successfully. If you are considering hiring a part-time bookkeeper, consider our advantages:

Avoid the time and costs involved in recruiting, interviewing, training, and supervising your own part-time bookkeeper. We do all of this for you.

  1. Avoid the hassles and costs associated with illness, vacations, and turnover. We always have at least 2 employees trained on your work, so we can easily cover all of these day-to-day contingencies.
  2. Avoid the challenge of finding a high-quality person who wants to work only a few hours per week. We attract high-quality employees because we can offer other work in addition to the time spent on your job.
  3. Finally, Carlton Services is a member of the QuickBooks Affiliate Program, and as a result, we can offer you discounted pricing on almost all QuickBooks products.

Our Team

Our team consists of accountants and bookkeepers with varied experience. All have excellent backgrounds with a minimum of 5 years' direct bookkeeping experience, and all are fluent users of QuickBooks software. We take pride in being friendly, mature, service-oriented individuals who easily adapt to the different work situations of our diverse client base.

Our Commitments

At Carlton Services, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. Our commitment to each and every client include doing your work accurately, professionally, and with the utmost integrity. Additionally, we will hold your business information in the strictest confidence.

Employment Opportunity

Part-Time Bookkeeper — Radnor Area

Carlton Services is currently looking for a permanent, part-time bookkeeper to support our clients generally located within 30 minutes of our Radnor office. The work schedule is flexible, and we can offer you 10 to 25 hours per week, depending on your availability and desired work schedule.

The work is interesting, diverse, and perfect for someone looking for some challenge and variety. The job involves doing work for several clients, so professionalism and good interpersonal skills are required.

At least 3 years' bookkeeping experience and at least 1 year of QuickBooks experience are required. Good computer skills and Word/Excel experience are a must. This permanent position includes some benefits.